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right now on "msnbc saturday," we're an hour away for the latest scramble for a debt deal at the white house. both sides are pointing fingers of blame. why can't washington reach a deal? massacre in norway. more than 90 people dead in a killing spree, and in morning new information about the suspect and what may have fueled the attacks. dangerous heat once again gripping much of the country. how millions of people are coping, and when we'll catch a break from this. the big business of gay marriage. one day before same sex couples tie the knot in new york, how some companies are planning to cash in. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc saturday. we have two developments in two deadly attacks carried out in norway that left 91 people dead. police have one man in custody suspected in both attacks. one was a bomb set off in downtown oslo, and the other
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happened not long after when a gunman went on a shooting spree at a teen summer camp at an island outside of oslo. martin fletcher joins me on the phone from oslo. martin, let's talk about what police are revealing about the suspect. what do they know? >> reporter: well, alex, he's 32 years old, and he's a norwegian. interestingly on his facebook page he updated his facebook page just a week ago, and on that he called himself a conservative and he called himself a christian and he said his favorite hobby was hunting. so this paints a picture of a man who seems to be -- well, how can you describe such a person? radical of some kind. the police are saying it looks like it was the same man who set off the bomb in downtown oslo. it appears he then got in a car, drove an hour or so to the island, which is about 30 miles away from norway's capital, and
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then carried out the shooting attack. that's what the police suspect, and that's what they've been saying so far, alex. >> martin, i'm curious about what we are hearing with regard to a second suspect. i just was speaking with evan coleman, a terrorist analyst, who said he believes if there's a second suspect, it's somebody who is more involved with the car bombing because this was very effective and putting a car bomb like that together doesn't happen easily. >> reporter: i think if you speculate about it, and that would be the obvious speculation. it was a very sophisticated and certainly very powerful bomb, and also by the way, there's sek lags there was a second person involved in the shooting. to shoot 84 people dead with a weapon, with a rifle, it's not like hand grenades or something, apparently it was an automatic weapon. all the kids are running in different directions and you have to chase them. it's very hard actually to kill 84 people. there is speculation somebody else was involved, but there's no proof of that yet, although a second person was detained and there were reports in the
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norwegian media that they believe this was a second shooter. it turned out as far as i know at the moment that he was only a person carrying a knife who was near the hotel where the norwegian prime minister was visiting survivors from the massacre. the kids were waiting in the hotel for their parents to come from all over the country to pick them up, but the prime minister visited them. this guy was picked up apparently for having a knife in his pocket, and i'm not too sure right now whether he's still in detention or not, alex. >> how is the country absorbing all of this? >> reporter: terrible shock. you really feel the shock of the people. they're talking about it. can you imagine what it was like when they went bed to last night, they were told 17 people were killed in the country. seven in the bomb in the capital in oslo, and then ten kids in the shooting on the island. they were already saying this is the worst attack on norway since world war ii, and the country was in major shock last night. they woke up this morning to find out it wasn't ten kids
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killed but it was 84 kids killed. the ages of the kid were 12 to 13 to 19 years old. they were at a summer camp. it was a summer camp of kids belonging to the political party, the same party as the prime minister. they think it was a deliberate attack against the labor party, the party headquarters and then the party's youth. >> the whole thing is senseless and sickening. thank you very much for phoning in. we'll speak with you net hour. >> thanks, alex. house speaker john boehner walked out of talks last night, but he will be back in the white house for a meeting with the president and congressional leaders in about less than an hour. this morning the president said he's prepared to make big sacrifices for take deal as long as it's balanced. >> that's why we need a balanced approach to cutting the deficit. we need an approach that goes after waste in the budget and gets rid of the pet projects
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that cost billions of dollars. we need an approach that makes serious cuts towards worthy programs, cuts i wouldn't make under normal circumstances. that's the heart of this approach. serious cuts balanced by new revenues. >> joining me now is mike va khaira. good saturday morning, mike. what happened here? how did things break down? >> reporter: the broke down, finger pointing and total collapse. they're going to be here at 11:00. the top floor leaders have narrowed the group somewhat. it used to be eight that came to the white house, but they're going to try to salvage something from these talks that collapsed last night when john boehner pulled the plug for the second time. remember, we're ten days away now from a potential financial catastrophe. >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter: after days of mounting hope for a break through, last night a public breakdown in the debt talks, leaving president obama visibly frustrated. >> i've been left at the altar a couple of times.
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>> reporter: he chided john boehner in unusually personal terms, suggesting he lacks the power to sell it to his own gop rank and file. >> up until some time early today when i couldn't get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker boehner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. >> reporter: appearing minutes later, boehner fired back. >> dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jell-o. >> reporter: at issue, an additional 400 billion in tax revenue the president asked for late thursday on top of the 800 billion already being negotiated. >> the white house moved the the goalpost. there was an agreement on some additional revenues until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more. it's the president who walked
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away approximate from his agreement and demanded more money. >> reporter: in the after math of last night's blow-up, both sides reveal details including political volatile changes to social security, medicare and medicaid and a dramatic overhaul of the tax code, making it simpler with fewer brackets and lower rates. now both sides agree that default must be avoided, but with 11 days before potential disaster, the path forward is unclear. >> we have run out of time, and they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default. >> reporter: all along you remember that mitch mcconnell working with harry reid, they had a plan viewed as a fallback plan scaled back. it was something house republicans didn't care for. today we hear they've abandoned that plan. they're working on a new path forward. if they're going to pick up the pieces and salvage something
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here, obviously time is running very short. at the least they have to find that least common deno, ma'am nart to lift that debt ceiling before the deadline of august 2nd. >> we'll see you next hour after that meeting saturdatarts. i spoke with carolyn maloney about the debt crisis. >> he has bent over backwards to find common ground. he has spent more face time negotiating with the other side than any president in history. yet, you have a record of the republican leadership walking away from the biden proposal, walking away from the $4 trillion grand plan, walking away from mcconnell-reid, from the gang of six, they seem to walk away. i truly do believe, alex, if the president came out with a cure of cancer, they would walk out of the room and say no. >> coming up this area, the gop
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side with u.s. congressman michael grimm. ale brutal heatwave is bringing heat back to huge portions of the country today. >> this is one of the hottest yet. the humidity is too bad. i'm drenching and soaked in like ten minutes of walking. >> drip, drip, drip. >> it's gross. >> you're as close to hell as you could be. so pray that you go to heaven, because it's if it's like this, forget it. >> let's go live to atlanta. this is not just about dpis comfort. there are a large number of deaths blamed on the heatwave. it's serious stuff. >> it is serious stuff. these are conditions that are not very good for people, especially the elderly. here at centennial park, the fountains have seen a lot of sweaty people during the summer. we have early birds here trying to cool off. a large chunk of the country from the eastern seaboard to the
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west and the temperatures are rising. the horrible heat. in new york city highs will be around 100, but if you're working off the heat index, which combines the air temperature and relative humidity, it will feel like 104. yesterday records broke. 104 in the big apple, 108 in newark, new jersey. >> just trying to stay cool. i usually don't come outside much. i had to. >> reporter: in the nation's dam the heat index topped 112, something that hasn't happened there in more than a decade. >> it's too much. it's too hot. you have to deal with it. >> reporter: nearly 132 million people are under some kind of heat alert. the actual temperatures on the map may seem hot, but look at the index numbers. 106 in kansas city, 108 in columbia, south carolina and a 111 in d.c. even those accustomed to working under scorching conditions are taking extra precautions. these firefighters in pittsburgh
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used wet towels to try to stay cool, but they needed much more than that. >> this is a double-edged sword. they're designed to protect us from thermal burns. >> reporter: the brutal combination of high heat and humidity is not just uncomfortable, it's proven to be deadly. across the country more than two dozen heat-related deaths have been reported. cattle and crop losses are mounting across the drought-stricken south. in texas it is first six months of this year have been the driest in more than a century. this wildlife rescue center in lubbock is taking in more deer, birds and animals of all kinds, many dehydrated and starving. >> i'm try my best to beat the heat, but it's outrageous right now. >> reporter: both man and beast looking for relief. and talk about a role reversal, alex. he's usually hot in the south, but it's hotter in your neck of the woods today. >> okay. thank you very much. we're not loving it here.
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maybe wish we were there. thank you so much. let's go to mike bet tess joining us with more. some much needed relief may be on the way. >> it is coming. you have to exercise patience, though, because it's another brutal day in the northeast. look at these numbers already. it's a scorcher in new york. it's 89 early in morning, it's 92 in d.c. and down in atlanta it's about 10 degrees cooler than it is in the northeast. can you believe that? that heat combined with the humidity almost feels like 100 in d.c. the heat index is at 98, and it's close to 115 this afternoon. look how states are under heat advisories or warnings. it's 28 states total, and here's the high temperature this afternoon. triple digits again in central park and new york. 103, 100 in d.c. on the mall, 103 in raleigh. the numbers tomorrow pull back by about 10 degrees or so, so that will feel nice. the real relief will not come for the center of the country.
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that's good news for you in places like st. cloud, minneapolis, duluth, chicago had so much rain this morning it's our already wettest record day that the city's ever had. saturday's weather provides storm relief across the midwest and portions of the mid-atlantic and looking at baltimore as well. warmer weather for you again tomorrow, but more showers could potentially provide some relief. we know, alex, it's been here in new york. air you can wear. it has been miserably hot. we'll do it again today. >> that is so true. it just sits on you. that's a great description. >> it's so heavy. >> it's terrible. mike, thank you very much. good to see you here. will a rare saturday meeting at the white house provide a breakthrough or more anger? we'll talk about it next. police say a peeping tom armed with a cell phone camera crossed the line with women shoppers. he'll see the surveillance video that helped to get him arrested. cashing in on gay marriage.
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irchltsz to. to politics now. president obama and how speaker john boehner giving they are reasons why the deal fell apart last night. here's what they said derailed the deal. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walkway from this kind of deal. if it was unbalanced, it was unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. >> the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement with the white house at $800 billion in revenue. it's the president who walked away from his agreement and demanded more money at the last minute. >> peter fann is the democratic
10:19 am
strategic and pat buchanan is a former communications director for ronald reagan. they're my boys. it's been a while. you're all gal vanting about during the summer. here we go, pat. you heard the president ask that, why would boehner walk away from a deal worth more than $3 trillion? >> well, as boehner said and the republicans said and the the president said, the republicans were agreeing to $800 billion in revenues, and they believe what happened is the president on thursday night met with the democrats who went bananas over the cuts he was making, the added cuts in social spending, medicare, medicaid. the president moved the goalpost. but that's not the fundamental point. the point is we're at deadlock gridlock, and we can't get a big deal in ten days. i think what ought to happen is what is going to happen and we will find this out by next weekend is that the republicans in the house have to pass a
10:20 am
temporary debt ceiling of, say, six months and put on it the easy cuts from the biden deal where everybody agreed. put those on it, pass those on to the senate and to the president, and let the senate and the president decide whether they want to shut the country down. >> to both of you, the president said i don't want a six or eight-month deal. look at this mess. i don't want to deal with this again at 2013 at the earliest. >> i don't blame it. he doesn't want to deal with at 2013, but we can't get $2.5 trillion in cuts all put together in one week. in the short term before we do that, we need an increase in the debt ceiling or the president will have to shut down half the country or put the country in default. >> so peter -- >> there's another alternative. you have a straight up or down vote on the debt. if those folks in the house say it's over. we're going to shut down this --
10:21 am
we're going to default. then the whole blame of this thing comes straight on the republicans in the house of representatives. you have responsible leaders in the senate right now, alex, who came out, the gang of six, with a plan for over $4 trillion. >> bipartisan gang of six. >> totally bipartisan. in fact, their piece had $2 trillion of revenues in it. this business of moving the goalpost, look, they're in the process of negotiations. so which is it? >> boehner said -- hang on, peter. boehner says that the president called for the new tax hikes. doesn't the sfeeker of the house have a point he could not go back to his base and ask for more revenue? the stance from the gop, the tea partie
10:22 am
partiers, they're intractable at this point. >> true. there are two points here. one, you had also on the table the gang of six proposal. secondly, the white house says very emphatically that they talked about this, but that the president said to boehner -- who knows who said what to whom. he said this was not hard and fast. we're still in the process of negotiating. here's what i suspect. i think that boehner's group went south. i think these folks said, no, no revenue increases, no way, no how. we're not voting for it. >> let me say that peter may be right on that, and when he talks about who said what to whom, we're not sure. we know where we're at now. we're ten days away from a default. peter says the senate should pass a clean debt ceiling increase, send it to the house. peter, i can tell you what they will do with it. it will not get through the pea party or republican party. i think the republicans ought to pass a debt ceiling increase and
10:23 am
take -- say 500 billion of biden cuts and put it on there. the key question, alex, is this. can boehner get anything through the house through his republican base in the house, or will they even vote that down? i hope not, but what he ought to do, let's kick this things six months down the road at least and not put the country in default. the only way to do it is to do the two things we agree on. raise the debt ceiling and take some of the easiest cuts out of the biden deal and pass them and send them to the president. >> pat, i have to ask this question. without having the gop just seem like a bunch of obstructionists, when they say they don't want to have any sort of revenue increase, is that because they are firmly convinced there's so much fat to cut out that is -- if we could cut out certain things with entitlements, whatever they believe can be cut further down, that will secure what we need to save and get the
10:24 am
debt ceiling raised? >> no. here's what they believe, and i believe. they believe when you got a country, ours, which is flat on its back with 9% unemployment and 16% unemployed and underemployed, for heaven's sakes don't slam higher taxes on the people you expect to create new jobs. it's insane. there's economic theory. they believe in their heart if you raise taxes, not only does it break their promise, it will hurt want country. they're not going to do it. you have to understand they're not going to do this and accept that fact at least in the short term. what they will do, alex, is what boehner was negotiating to the president who was apparently offering lower tax rates and give up all these other allowances. they'll go for it. >> nick says big wrap, so make it fast. >> the keep is to get the budget under control. then you have confidence in the
10:25 am
market. then folks say we'll solve this problem. if we go another couple years without solving the problem, it will do nothing but hurt the economy. >> okay. thank you for the big wrap, because otherwise nick would be screaming at me in the whole commercial. the brutal heatwave continues to grip much of the country, but if you can't afford to run your air-conditioning all day, you can still beat the heat. we have some cheap ideas next. [ lopez ] beautiful skin... ♪ i'm your venus ♪ i'm your fire ...needs protection. introducing venus proskin with moisture rich shave gel bars enhanced with a triple blend of body butters that create a layer of protection for your skin with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. and your goddess just beautiful.
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welcome back to msnbc saturday. just past the half hour we head to new york. starting tomorrow, same-sex couples can get married in this state. same-sex couples have been notified by new york city they can have their weddings performed tomorrow, so hundreds are expected to show up for ceremonies. new york's mayor mike bloomberg will perform wedding, that being two members of his administration. >> this is about celebrating ourle relationship, but it's really about our children who often ask us why we're not married. we've involved them in every step of the way. >> i agree to this, and we're doing this in a public way with somebody watching. it's been validated, and to us that means a lot. >> new york is the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriages. all those gay weddings mean a lot of business from a whole new group of customers. courteney ragan has more on
10:33 am
businesses serving this new market. >> reporter: at a minute past midnight on sunday new york becomes the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. the state economy and businesses are first to toast the newlyweds. weddings are an $84 billion industry, and they now have the potential to see 66,000 same sex couples marry in the sex three years. new york city tourism is developing a campaign to attract out of state couples to come to new york as a destination wedding spot. standard wedding-related businesses are seeing an influx of gay couples preparing for the big day and they're creating promotions to this new customer base. >> since this same-sex marriage law passed it's unbelievable how many calls we've gotten. it's equal to what we were getting for mixed gender marriages. >> reporter: throughout the
10:34 am
duration of gay marriages, these couples will employ legal help when it comes merging assets and adopting children as well as separating assets in divorce should the marriage end. >> there are divorce lawyers who will tell you that this act of permitting same sex people getting married is the best thing to lawyers since the magna carta. >> according to a recent report same sex couples make an average of 47% more in their income, so businesses are really lining up for their piece of that new i do revenue. alex. >> courteney, thank you for that. a blast of suffocating heat and the kind of humidity you'll find in a bog are bringing misery to millions of americans today. the dangerously high temperatures are back. you add in the humidity and entire cities are turning into giant saunas. >> it's been hot. >> you're as close to hell as
10:35 am
you could be, so pray that you go to heaven because if it's like this, forget it. >> this is one of the hottest yet. the humidity is just too bad. you can see i'm drenching and soaked in like ten minutes of walking. >> it's hard to breathe. >> it's sticky and gross. it's drip, drip, drip. >> we've been stuck in traveng all day. >> it's brutal. >> i'm soaking wet completely. >> yeah, we're soaked. >> i can wring my shirt out right now. >> one of my daughter ps went to the beach and got sick and she's so hot. she has a headache laying down at home now. >> it it takes your breath away. you step outside and it's like oh, my god. >> it feels like a steam bath. i'm staying hydrated. >> this one seems like it's the hottest. i opened up my bedroom door, and i feel like i'm walking into hell. >> let's go right to the weather channel's eric fisher, who is
10:36 am
live from jones beach, new york for us. lots more um brem las there. people trying to escape the heat getting in the shade. how are things right now? >> reporter: good morning, alex. we were talking earlier this morning, and not a whole lot of folks were here early in the day. now you see funny people. talk to us a little bit as you walk past. >> it's hot and there's a lot of flies. so we're getting bitten. >> reporter: where to now? >> back home to the backyard. >> reporter: that sentiment shared by many along jones beach. you look out across the area, and a lot of umbrellas where people are trying to take shelter from the searing heat. temperatures in the city should top triple digits. yesterday was the hottest day in central park history reaching 104 degree. they said all-time high temperatures in newark, and today we are dealing with the
10:37 am
same type of weather maybe a couple of degrees cooler. relief is on the way by tomorrow in new york city. much cooler. that trickles down to d.c. by monday and then eventually down towards the carolinas. one word of caution, it gets hot and i know a lot of people want to have a margarita or an iced coffee or slurpee. a slurpee is full of sugar and coffee is full of caffeine and can dehydrate you. water is the only safe bet on a day like today on the east coast. >> two drinks i would consider having. anyway, eric fisher, thauch so much. get inside the air-conditioning of your truck. see you next hour. there are ways to stay cool on the scheep. you do not need to start sleeping at work. here with easy and inexpensive ways to beat the heat. sam, good morning. >> if you can't afford to run your ac all day and night, what should you do? >> so you run your ac during the night, and you want to air out
10:38 am
your house the next morning. big mistake. if you keep your windows closed, your home, whether it's an apartment house, whatever, acts like a big thermos it locks in the cold air. air it it out at night if you have to. >> that's what i do. it seems to work. how about curtains, bringing down shades. does that help? >> definitely. it depends on the kind of curtain. it's tempting to get the big blackout curtains it will be fine. get something called radiant curtains. what they do is they reflect the light. they reflect the heat, and they keep your house from turning into a greenhouse. they don't look half bad, either. you don't notice them so much. >> sam, if you're just dealing with fans, how can you maximize what the fan puts out to keep it from just blowing hot air around. >> there's a low tech solution to this. it sounds silly.
10:39 am
if you take a bowl of ice or tray or whatever, stick it in front of fan, you get a sort of cheapo air-conditioning effect without spending the air-conditioning money. you have to switch out the ice every once? a while, but it works. >> i'm going to try that one. if you do have ac and you want to keep it it running, can you keep the cost running down and use it more efficiently? >> if you have central air, use that programmable thermostat. fu if not, keep doors closed if you're not in the room. if you're cooling your whole house or apartment needlessly, you rack up your bill or the power consumption, so only open the doors you're going into. >> all good advice, sam. thanks so much. >> thank you. back to today's emergency white house meeting on the debt ceiling. it's scheduled to start in 20 minutes if all the players are on time there. they approach crisis mode with only ten days left to avert a financial catastrophe.
10:40 am
i'm joined by congressman michael grimm from new york from the gop side. good morning to you. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this deal and why it's not going through yet. what's the biggest stumbling blocks? >> in all sincerity, i don't think the president has been operating with good faith from the beginning. some of the things that he says at the press conferences are just not what he's saying behind closed doors with speaker boehner. when it comes to entitlement reform, whether it comes to taxes, he says wonderful things to the press, and it's not founded in reality. at the end of the day we have to do something here. the republicans in the house have passed paul ryan's budget. they didn't like that. okay. we passed cut, cap and balance. they don't like that. at this point if they can't put something on the table, i don't see how we can continue to negotiate in good faith. >> okay. we heard from your colleague, congresswoman carolyn mahoney. we're going to play this now. here we go.
10:41 am
>> you have a record of the republican leadership walking away from the biden proposal, walking away from the $4 trillion grand plan, walking away from mcconnell-reid from the gang of six. walking away from 3 trillion, 2.5 trillion. i truly do believe, alex, if the president came out with a cure for cancer, they would walk out of the room and say no. >> how do republicans say, according to what carolyn maloney says, and she's gone through a number of plans on the table. how can republicans say that the present democrats haven't put a plan on the table, or is that not what you're saying? >> well, let's really dissect it. what we got from the president has never been a plan. it has rhetorical speech. we have great rhetoric, but nothing that can be scored by the cbo. our plans can be scored. we've never gotten that from the president, not once.
10:42 am
when she says $4 trillion grand plan, i asked jerry nadler on tv the other day, i didn't get a copy of the plan. where? ? it's in the newspaper. that's the problem with the president. the president says to the public he wants to cut 4 trillion, and he gets behind closed doors with john boehner, and says we're not actually cutting 4 trillion. almost 2 trillion is increased taxes. that's not an honest debate, and that's why the president won't put it in writing. >> pat buchanan said here's the deal. the republicans will not increase taxes, period, exclamation point. do you think he's got a right assessment of that, and if that is the case -- >> yes. >> then what is the likelihood of any sort of a deal happening? >> well, i think that the senate will have to come to terms with the fact that the policies that have come out of washington have failed ms.abiserably. if you look at the spending
10:43 am
spree that's gone on, and at the end of the day if we raise the debt ceiling and do nothing to deal with the deficits, we're going to be downgraded anyway. that's the part democrats don't want to talk about, that the s&p and moody's and the rest of the world will do even if we raise the debt ceiling. >> i'm curious about the philosophy about not wanting to increase revenue to meet this ability to raise the debt ceiling. is that because republicans believe there's a lot of other fat, there's entitlement programs and other things from which things can be cut and reach that magic number we need, and is it because as pat buchanan suggested that republicans feel in this economy it's crazy to raise taxes on anybody? >> that's exactly right. when the president says millionaires and billionaires, he says that to the tv cameras and goes behind closed doors with speaker boehner and says 200,000 or more. i know people with $200,000 a year and have kids in private
10:44 am
schools, they are small business owners. these are the very people we ask to create jobs. the last thing we need is job-killing tax hikes at a time when the economy is getting weaker instead of better. it's weaker because of the policies that have come out of washington. we've passed pro-growth, pro-job bills in the house, and the senate won't touch it. why? they'd have to accept the fact and admit that the policies for the last two and a half years have failed and the policies republicans are putting forward are good for the country. they're more worried about politics than the country. >> what do you think is going to happen? >> i think and i hope that the senate will come back around. they're going to re-evaluate cut, cap and balance because the american people want cut, cap and balance and answer that call and join the house republicans and we'll get something done. >> michael grimm from new york. thank you. >> thank you. he's the candidate who is supposed to be able to fix the economy, so why is mitt romney trailing the president in a recent poll?
10:45 am
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impltsz police in southern california arrested a man for disorderly conduct after he was caught on tape. surveillance video at at target story showed the man approaching women from behind and takes photos underneath their skirts. he used his cell phone to take pictures. police arrested him. a new straw poll of gop candidates in ohio shows mitt romney topping the list of faifrtds. he pulled in one-quarter of those votes nine points ahead of tim pawlenty. it wasn't all good news for romney in ohio. a poll out this week shows romney is trailing by four matched up against the president in key battle grounds states including ohio. that poll showed obama with double-digit leads over three other republicans. i'm joined by mark murray. another good morning to you, mark. >> good morning. >> mitt romney is the economy candidate for republicans. with the unemployment where it is, he's still getting beat by
10:49 am
obama in ohio. is this a bad sign for the gop? >> there are two ways to look at these numbers. on the one hand, mitt romney at 41% with perfect name i.d. at a time he's relatively unscathed as the front-runner. almost all the scrutiny is on michele bachmann these past few weeks. so that's one way to look at the numbers. the other way to look at the numbers is president obama in that same poll is at 45%. as the incumbent you want to be at 50 or above. >> okay. how about romney's message about obama's handling of the economy? that's been somewhat uneven. at times blames it all on the president, and then saying this in last on wednesday. here that is. >> obviously, the challenges here are not all the result of the current administration. a lot of the economic woes that you're seeing around you and around the country are the result of errors made over a long period of time. >> while that is a philosophy
10:50 am
many may embrace, can he afford to cut the president any slack politically speaking, mark? >> the romney campaign is saying that his remarks in los angeles were all about the venue, that particular site had actually had problems for a very long time. to me what's been fascinating about the romney withering criticism of president obama on the economy is that it's been a very doom and gloom message. he was at a clothes factory in allentown, pennsylvania, and then in los angeles. a nice rule of thumb in presidential contest is the hopeful and optimistic candidate typically wins the contest. right now the romney message has been all negativity, all pessimism. at some point that needs to change. >> you know what's interesting in that poll, texas governor rick perry scored better than michele bachmann and sarah palin and trailed the president by 12 points. do you think part of fascination is the fact he's not running yet, he's just a neighbomaybe?
10:51 am
>> there is a clamoring for republicans with an additional candidate in the field. not all republicans are happy with their choices right now. rick perry is almost michele bachmann but as a governor. somebody who has results as a governor. in texas over the last several years it's been gerched by republicans. when it comes to fiscal or social policy, it is a very conservative state. that's something that could be appealing to conservative primary voters in republican primaries. >> nbc news deputy political director mark murray. thank you. >> thanks. >> for more head to when will you see some relief? we'll have that for you at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone -- the motorola expert from sprint.
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police in north carolina just released two new photos of a mom who mysteriously vanished more than a week ago. they were taken the morning of july 13th. that's the same day laura ackerson went missing. she was last seen in raleigh after dropping her kids off at their father's home. friends call the 27-year-old reliable, and they say she would never just take off without telling anyone where she was going. let's get the latest from investigative crime reporter michelle sagona. let's talk about the surveillance photo and the significance of the two photos. how do you read that? >> i think this is interesting. yesterday when i spoke with authorities, they were still trying to determine if, you know, she wanted to go missing or if someone made her go missing. so i think they're still sort of working out some kinks at this time, but it's interesting they did release these photos. they're not exactly saying where they are, but it does show her obviously standing. she looks good and dressed appropriately and she has
10:56 am
bagged. she looks okay. that's a good sign. what they're doing right now is trying to close in that time line and figure out where she is. her friends and family say, look, laura would never leave her children and would definitely be there to pick them up. this is a hard-working mom kind of getting her life on a good track and going to church. this is a very sad case, and hopefully we can help shed light on it today for folks. >> if the cops are saying that these two pictures were taken the morning of the 13th the last time she was seen, why are they not saying where it was? that's kind of interesting. >> it's very interesting, and i think a lot of times in investigations i'd like to call them golden nuggets. they're held back so when the tips come forward with the right information to kind of fit into that spot, they can say, okay, that's a good lead. those are the leads we spend time on. that's what they're doing right now. they start to slowly hopefully time won't go on for very long
10:57 am
and she will be found okay. we will start to see more nuggets come out here and there, and hopefully they help to spring the right leads. >> one thing we know is police say laura's car was found outside an apartment complex early this week with no sign of her. are police saying either anything about what they may have found in the car, if any evidence was roecovered or what apartment building it was? was it her apartment building or someone else's? >> this is interesting how this investigation sprang about eight days ago. laura's friend reported her missing to the kingston police. they had this case and held this investigation until wednesday. wednesday was when they found her vehicle. so investigators in raleigh now have taken over the entire investigation, and what one of the detectives told me yesterday is that, he's like, look, we're not going to say exactly how we found the vehicle or what we're going to to pull out of the vehicle, but i think, again, what they're trying to figure out is where she could be and
10:58 am
pull in surveillance and pull in folks that knew her and trying to interview. the last people to see her over the last eight days, things of that nature. >> michelle, many thanks for the updates. >> have a good day. the tragedy in norway may be more shocking than we originally heard. we have the latest in a live report. deadly heat and no relief in sight today for the south and northeast. when might we get a break? there's a new old spice guy in town, and this one is a blast from the past.
10:59 am

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